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Talent recruitment Talent policy Corporate culture 〖 Heng Guang people 〗

Talent Strategy

Talent strategy is the precondition and important guarantee of Hengguang's science and technology strategy. The company always adheres to the concept of "human resources are the first resources of enterprises".
We should innovate the ways of training and introducing talents, build a contingent of talents that is suitable for the strategic development of enterprises, with appropriate aggregate, reasonable hierarchical structure and matching professional structure, and build it into the backbone of enterprises, so as to ensure the smooth realization of the strategic objectives of enterprises.

Constructing a Management Team with both Virtue and Ability

Fostering R&D team of innovative research

Building a high-quality and skilled staff team

Promotion channel

The construction of "H" type horizontal and vertical development channels for management posts and professional skills posts is that gold always shines.

Talent policy

Hengguang's talent system construction follows the principle : attract, retain, educate and use well

Enterprises should optimize software and hardware conditions.
Ensure that talents are brought in without any obstacles.

Full trust in the introduction of talents,
EnterprisesExercise stage and humanistic care to ensure the integration of Hengguang into play.

Talents should be trained internally and introduced externally.
It is necessary to focus on the construction of a mechanism and mode for the generation of talents and the subsequent cultivation of people.

Knowing people well, taking advantage of their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses,take a lower as well as a higher post.

Incentive Mechanism

Based on performance and results, we should establish a short-term, medium-term and long-term "trinity" evaluation and incentive mechanism, so as to achieve "assessment on everyone's head", promote the refinement of the salary system, let employees share the achievements of the company's operation and development, and achieve common development.

—— Give the person who wants to do something an opportunity, give the person who can do something athe platform, give person who accomplishes something an incentive. ——